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Outstaffer doesn’t require higher workplace and social payments savings

What we offer:

In RuDev talented specialists work in the field of IT technologies. What we can:

Development and support of web-sites

Development, implementation and support of other software

System analysis of business processes;

User and automated testing of software projects


Our developers have a great experience in building of Single Page Application (SPA). This experience allows using technologies for multipage sites and web-applications development. The use of ReactJS...
and AngularJs frameworks allows increasing websites speed by eliminating full page reload. Our qualified specialists use CSS Bootstrap styles, as well as their own systems of styles for front end development. Due to responsive design, pages look perfect. It’s easier for user to navigate on widescreen monitors, tablets and smartphones. Here you can find a professional developer working with various technologies of dynamic, progressive, user web interface development.



Unlike frontend, backend architecture gives you a wide choice of languages, platforms and frameworks. The most popular and easiest solution is to use PHP as the main language with one of the...
MVC frameworks and / or CMS. When developing web applications, including intercorporate ones for large companies, we prefer .NET or Java, as the platform / backend language of websites and web services. Advanced technology uses JavaScript to develop backend and frontend simultaneously. It’s called MEAN development. Here you can find an experienced developer of the technology that you already use or plan to use in the project.



Customers’ opinion is a law for our web designers! If you need to create a design concept for your site from scratch, our specialists provide you with several options to meet the requirements...
They will masterfully create a web page without breaking the existing design concept of the site. Our experts have studied a range of sites that users prefer visually. And working in collaboration with a web developer, they offer the most functional solution. You will get a site ideally adapted to your business. We say ‘no’ to stereotypes, but at the same time we do not offer extreme experiments.


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Outstaffing economy

<p style=A specialist, provided on outstaffing conditions, allows a client-company to save on task performance without any loss of quality. Do not hire temporary employees. Do not spend time and money trying to find employees of the necessary qualification.
We guarantee to engage a team of expert developers for delivering innovative IT outsourcing services at a reasonable price.



Minimum cost

Developer’s salary:$4000
Workplace rent:$500
Social and other taxes: $600
Possible problems with labor inspection:
Payment for vacation, sick and maternity leave$
We described only a minimal part of the possible risks and costs. Depending on an employee’s direction and level of knowledge, this table may include a larger sum of money and probable risks.



The maximum costs

Developer’s Salary:2500$
Workplace rent:$0
Pension, social and other taxes:$0
Knowledge of English:
Guaranteed developer’s experience:



Why clients recommend us:

  • We not only provide you with a specialist, but also solve difficult IT tasks and deliver innovative solutions.
  • We constantly grow and improve outcomes continuously by learning new trends & techniques.
  • We take responsibility for a specialist you are provided with.
  • You know precisely what you pay for. Budget transparency is guaranteed.
  • We have been in this business for years.
  • We value our reputation not less than yours and operate in a spirit of cooperation.
  • It’s a pleasure to work with us!


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